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How to Leverage Google Ads for Digital Marketing?

The Google Ads, previously known as AdWords are a major and sometimes the only cog in digital marketing of various brands. The smart display campaign feature allows for tailor-made targeting and conversion to your target audience. All you have to do is set a target CPA and provide the ad essentials. The versatility is remarkable as well with ad’s adaptability to all sizes.

Google earned more than the astronomical sum of 95 billion U.S. Dollars in 2017 from digital marketing campaigns. This shows that marketers and brands across the world trust it for their needs. The mobile ad revenue is also expected to grow to $60 billion. The possibilities with a Google Ads campaign are just immense.

This article lists the value points and the tips by which you can leverage Google ads for effective marketing in India.

Why Should You Actually Use Google Ads?

There is no need for an ad campaign if nobody searches for your product on Google. But if there is, then there are several reasons why Google Ads will be the best bet for you.

There is no minimum investment required to start Google Ads.

The ads come with a built-in ROI tracking. This helps you to keep a check on every penny you spend. The reports are highly extensive and come with a plethora of insights.

It is also a major aid to conventional SEO strategy. While SEO may even take years, you can get into the first page of Goole in hours with these campaigns. This also allows you to check the profitability of various for your business as well.

Another major USP is that you only pay for the results. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement ensures that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. There are various PPC experts in India that can help to fine-tune on this.

These are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to the vast reasons to use Google Ads. There are vast benefits that can extracted for your marketing needs.

What do You Need to do for a Successful Google Ad Campaign?

Firstly, if you are totally new to this, then start with a low daily budget. Also, low CPCs are a better option until you learn the ropes in ad campaigning.

Secondly, your ad content and image will matter a lot. You can hire skilled freelancers or search for the best content consultants in your region. A simple search for Content Marketing Leaders in Delhi will land you those who can help with your ad copy in your region i.e. Delhi for this instance.

A streamlined account structure, search network campaigns and accurate analytics are the other major points that should be worked upon. A high converting and rewarding Google ad campaign is a mixture of all these pointers.

End Note

While Google Ad campaigns can work well even solely, make sure to include Social Media Marketing (SMM) as well. There are several SMM experts in India who can guide you through this powerful marketing tool. The importance of Digital Marketing cannot be ignored by any business and so shouldn’t be Google Ads.

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